Performers C

The Otter's Pool
Once Upon A Time
Martha's Dragon
Magic Steps
Dreams from a Forest Garden
A Timeless Journey

Captain and Malarky

Captain Black Jack Murphy
Pogue Mahone Means Kiss My Arse

Captain Black Sea Doggs
Tales of the Black Dog

Captain John Stout
Captain John Stout has been thrilling audiences from across the nation for sense 2005! From Florida to Pennsylvania, from Nebraska to New Jersey, the Captain has sung his unique blend of folk music from around the world.  Although rooted in Irish Folk and Nautical Music, he sings songs from Scotland, Wales (sometimes even in Welsh), England, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Australia, and the New World as well (including one Incan song!). With one foot on land and one at sea, this Ancient Bard for a Modern Age will have your blood pounding, your foot tapping, your heart singing, and your imagination brimming with song and story!
Songs From the Water's Edge 
Songs of Love & Loss
Past, Present, & Future

Capt'n Tor & the Naer Do Well Cads Pirate Invasion
Capt’n Tor’s Rowdy 5-Performer Crew has been providing a total-immersion experience to their audience for the last five years. With an experiential performance style that engages the audience directly within the show - whether it be all-ages festival shows, or bawdy adult pub-style shenanigans – crowds have the feeling that they have travelled back in time to 300 years ago to the Golden Age of Piracy when they encounter this one-of-a-kind pirate Celtic nautical performance style.

Carl Asch
Songs of  the Open Road

Carolina Ceili
Fifty Shades Of Green

Cast in Bronze
Best Day Ever
Spirit of the Bells
The Voyage

Ceann have made a name for themselves as one of the funniest and most entertaining bands in the country. With their roots in Irish music they mix modern musical styles and a cutting edge sense of humor that has won them fans worldwide. Ceann formed in Pittsburgh in 2005 and tour non-stop, year-round. Their popular original songs appeal far beyond the normal reach of Irish music and have truly given them cross genre appeal. They’re also one of the most popular college music acts in the country.
Almost Irish
Last Ones Standing
Making Friends
Rave, Rant, Lose Pants

Celtic Mayhem
"With their remarkable three part vocal harmony, a variety of acoustic 
instruments and a sense of musical whimsey. the music of Celtic Mayhem 
has delighted audiences all over the world. Look them up on Youtube, 
check out their website, see them live -because they are so much fun to 
watch and their music will send you home feeling like you have just had 
the experience of a lifetime - until you get to see them again! These 
multi-talented musicians have the uncanny ability to play just about any 
instrument you put in front of them. Their skill and their wit will take 
you to a new level of music appreciation. 
Combining the talents of members of three of the renaissance faire 
circuit's most popular musical acts, Celtic Mayhem performs Celtic 
traditional music and folk songs, along with original and contemporary 
music with a traditional feel. In addition to renaissance, medieval and 
Celtic festivals, they play select pubs, clubs and concerts, often 
including a varied assortment of classic pop and rock songs in their 
sets - and adding a crowd-pleasing Mayhem twist to every performance. 
Featuring Ty Billings on vocals, guitar, and flute, Martyn Wylde on 
vocals, bass, guitar and bouzouki and Jack Stamates on vocals, fiddle, 
and recorder, Celtic Mayhem have been entertaining audiences with their 

unique brand of ""rockin' Irish music"" since 2007. "
Celtic Mayhem

Celtic Shores

Celtic Squall

Celtica Fae

Cheeks And Phoenix
The Chuckawalla Rhythm Kings

Chris Gray

Circled By Hounds

Clearly Guilty

Coeur DeLion

The Consorte of Somesorte

Court Revelers

Craig Merlin Broers


Crossed Cannons

Curtis & Loretta

The CRAIC Show

C Wayne Owens
I Can't Afford Therapy
Seymoure Says