2009 HOF

Puke n’ Snot – 2009 Hall of Fame

Mark Sieve “Sir Ralph Puke�?, Joe Kudla “Sir Thomas Snot�? and John Gamoke “Thomas Snot Jr.�?

“He who shall… So shall he who.�? Puke n’ Snot has been entertaining fans at Renaissance Festivals everywhere for more than thirty years. Their self-described “mock-Shakespearean vaudeville�? has pleased audiences as far and wide as Disney World’s Magic Kingdom in Orlando, where they performed asPerry & Slice, two crotchety pirate buccaneers. Puke n’ Snot is the longest-running two-man comedy duo in the country and a headline show at festivals and comedy clubs throughout North America since 1974.
The first appearance of Puke n’ Snot was at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, where they performed under the name Mouldy & Wart. A year later they would change their name to Puke n’ Snot… and so their legacy began.
In 2008 Sir Thomas Snot (Joe Kudla) passed way. However, the Puke n’ Snot show continues with John Gamoke as Thomas Snot, Jr. and Mark Sieve as Puke. It’s a different show than that seen 30 years ago, but it’s still got that same funny flair.
Actor, producer, and director Mark Sieve is the co-creator of Puke n’ Snot. Mark is the author of several books, with the most recent being “Call me Puke: A Life of the Dirt Circuit�?. If you want to know the gory details of Puke n’ Snot, this is the book to read. As an act, Puke n’ Snot have put out four CDs and one DVD. To find out more aboutPuke n’ Snot go to http://www.magaga.com .

Don Juan and Miguel – 2009 Hall of Fame

Jose Granados “Don Juan�? Douglas Kondziolka “ Miguel and Dakota Star Granados “Esmeralda�?

Don Juan and Miguel ; “…charm friend and foe alike while engaging in the finest stage swordwork ever.�?
Don Juan and Miguel have an enchanting stage act with breath-taking whip-wielding, side-splitting comedy, and hair-raising swordplay. For over 20 years this duo has shared their work in the Renaissance Festival Circuit. Jose Granados portrays Don Juan, the gallant and romantic Prince of Spain, while Douglas Kondziolka plays his faithful but odd manservant, Miguel. Dakota Star Granados plays Esmeralda, the beautiful daughter of the prince of Spain. Along with working the US Renaissance Festival Circuit, they’ve performed at Disney World’s 25th Anniversary Celebration, the Art Institute of Kansas City, various clubs in Las Vegas, private and industrial parties, and made numerous TV and radio appearances.
As well as their unforgettable stage show Don Juan and Miguel, these men stand out for the role they take in helping their community. They own a production company, Blind Dog Entertainment, through which they develop various enterprises at Renaissance Festivals. Since 1995 they have built two dungeons (North Carolina and Pennsylvania), an archery game and a life-size maze (New York). Blind Dog Entertainment was formed to “utilize and promote the talents of a Developing Arts Community in the United States Renaissance Festivals�?. To find out more about Don Juan and Miguel visit http://www.donjuanandmiguel.com .

Will Wood – 2009 Hall of Fame

Will Wood as Sir Frances Drake:
“It’s a good time to escape from reality into this wonderful fantasy.�?Seen often at the Northern California Renaissance Faire and an original performer at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire since the 60’s, Will Wood does a stunning and engaging portrayal of Sir Francis Drake, patriot and seaman. Will Wood does marketing for the Southern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire and has been playing the role of Sir Frances Drake for 36 years. Not only is Wood an excellent stage actor, he is an excellent Master of Ceremonies.
Wood spends most of the year helping to organize the craftspeople and artisans who take part in the festivities. When not at the fair, Wood brings history to the classroom with his in-school programs. He teaches about life during the Renaissance, and involves students in activities like wheat-weaving and a game of Nine Men’s Morris.
Wood never says “no�? when asked to do something as long as it benefits the community that he loves so much. There isn’t a guest he comes in contact with that doesn’t feel as though something special has just happened to them, and he makes his fellow cast members feel
the same way. Wood is what stuff legends are made of.