2013 HOF

Tortuga Twins

The Tortuga Twins are improv-comedy storytellers. Outrageously unpredictable, these three “twins” present a variety of audience-interactive tales! With a background in street performance, the internationally renowned (yes, Canada counts) Tortuga Twins have thrilled audiences at festivals and private events.
Created in 1987 by Riki “Raphael” Robinson & Jef “D’Angelo” Hall, and led astray in 1990 when Ronn “Scaramouche” Bauman joined the troupe, the Tortuga Twins met with so much success they eventually created a spin-off troupe in 2008, affectionately dubbed the “Blue Team.” This new Tortuga troupe—currently consisting of Pahl “Valentine” McColgan, GuRegg “Bernardo-Bueno” Parks, and captained by Bryan “Salvador” Ragon—joins the original “Gold Team” in delighting audiences throughout the United States.
Their repertoire includes audience-participation shows such as Robin Hood, The Big Bad Wolf Show, and their naughty-bawdy Captain Morgan and the Island Queen (the pirate comedy show). Also high on the list of fan favorites are the character-driven Troy Story (the Helen of Troy comedy show) and Swordfighting & Stupidity (heavy on the stupidity)—the Tortuga Twins’ R-rated show.
The Tortuga Twins have also produced three theater shows, A Very Tortuga Christmas, Tortugapalooza and Tortugapalooza 2: Spies! They are currently working on their third—Sex Ed. Want to add life to any event and bring people together for a night of magical, mischievous storytelling? You want the Tortuga Twins.

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