2007 HOF

Barbara Burinski-Shelton – 2007 Hall of Fame

Barbara “Bodge" Burinski-Shelton


"Bodge" is a ren-faire legend across the country at the numerous faires where she portrayed the queen. Before taking on the role of Queen, "Bodge" performed with a madrigal group, "The Jongleurs". She was Queen Katherine at King Richard’s Faire for 24 years as well as queen at Sterling Renaissance Festival and Arizona Renaissance Festival.

Lolly Foy – 2007 Hall of Fame

Lolly contributed to many facets of the faire community throughout her years on the circuit. Angus and the Kilt, written by Lolly and Betsy Smith as WenchWorks, has become a staple of many festival acts. Lolly played queen at the Arizona, Minnesota, and Carolina Renaissance Faires and has many a loyal subject. She has retired from her role as Queen to pursue a Master of Fine Arts in Acting at Minnesota State University and, in her first year, placed 36th of 400 nominees at the Region V Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival. Our best wishes to Lolly as she pursues her dreams.

Bill Huttel – 2007 Hall of Fame

Bill Huttel (1953-2001)

Bill’s stature and rich baritone voice helped visitors to the faire fall under the spell of King Henry VIII’s royal presence. He portrayed that role for 13 seasons at the Maryland Renaissance Festival and 8 years at the Florida Renaissance Festival as well as smaller faires and festivals in Ohio, Virginia, and Ontario, Canada.

Dan Mehn – 2007 Hall of Fame

Dan Mehn (1937-2006)

Dan, the Master Joyner of the Maryland Renaissance Festival, had a passion for American Indian culture, theater, history, and literature. Bringing them all together, he became known for reproducing historic furniture, at first only as a hobby, and then by turning his passion into a full time business in 1993.