2018 Hall of Fame

2018 Hall of Fame

Community Inductee
Jenny Martin – Renaissance Festival Circuit Teacher

Jenny Martin became a teacher for the renaissance community almost three decades ago.  She fulfilled perhaps the most important role for vendors, artists and performers who chose a life on the road.

The education of their children became Jenny's responsibility.  Year after year she taught these children, many who are now college graduates.  She didn't just teach them reading, writing, arithmetic, history and science, she taught them humanity.

These children look after each other, they perform for patrons singing and playing games.  And those patrons who witness this miracle of children working together is probably the best representation of what we are trying to accomplish in the renaissance community.

These are not normal children, they are the pride of all of us,.  In this community they are not only safe, but everyone here would protect them,  This might be the only place left on earth where the expression, "it takes a village to raise a child" is valid.  

Make no mistake, Jenny has given these children all the tools to succeed in life.  That is more than most of us have done with our lives.

Is she really a great teacher?  I went to her classroom one day in Texas to wish her a Happy Birthday.  I asked her students what was the best gift they ever received on their birthday?  One of her students said, "my life".

That is Jenny Martin!

Crafter Inductee
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Management Inductee
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Street Entertainment Inductee
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