Love Songs (Season 20 Episode 4 Show 455)


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Tyree Love Song performed by Jesse Linder from the album The Bramble and the Rose        

Love Is A Verb performed by Carl Asch from the album Songs Of The Open Road                    

Come Again, Sweet Love Doth Now Invite performed by Craig o'Farrington from the album Minstrel: A Lucky Man and His Lute        

Irish Whiskey Love Song performed by The Musical Blades from the album Raise The Black            

Whiskey Brought Me Love performed by Rowan and the Rose from the album We Have Adventures            

Do You Love An Apple! performed by Trinket from the album Landlocked                

I'll Lay Ye Down, Love performed by Tullamore from the album The O'Malley's Sessions - One for the Road        

Gracca Amorosa performed by Vince Conaway from the album Dell'Italia            

Star of the County Down performed by Marc Gunn from the album Celtic Love                

Saffron's Wedding Dance performed by Bedlam Bards from the album On the Drift (Music Inspired by Firefly and Serenity)            

Closer Than The Beating Of My Heart performed by Withe & Stone from the album The Circle Path            

The Loving Time performed by Pandora Celtica  from the album Dog Party (In The Key Of Swinging Cats            

My True Love performed by Marooned from the album Better Than Live            

Irish Love Songs performed by The Interpreters from the album Be Gentle

Barbara Allen performed by Faire to Middlin' from the album Still Faire to Middlin            

Love Like Rain performed by Raggle Taggle Gypsies from the album Best Of The Raggle Taggle Gypsies        

The Faery's Love Song performed by Sandra Parker from the album Call of the Faerie    

Faery Love Song.mp3 performed by Peregrine from the album Peregrine
Love & Freedom performed by Muses from the album Passing Time

Why Does Love...? performed by Merry Measure from the album Faire Warning
Robin Loves Me performed by Queen Ann's Lace from the album Bootleg            

Pirate's Love Song performed by Mallory & McCall from the album Kings of the Sea

Went Sailing (Pirate Love Song) performed by Pirates Inc. from the album Fools Gold    

Zombie Apocalypse Love Story performed by Dan The Bard from the album Bard Camp!            

Lycanthrope in Love performed by Boogie Knights from the album Oh, The Horror!    

Faire (The American Rennie Love Rock Parody) performed by Village Idiots from the album Chamber of Stupidity    

Health To The Company performed by Storywrens from the album The Sailor and the Mermaid            

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