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The Louisiana Renaissance Festival

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Fiddler's Green performed by Master 'Bones' Jangle and the Voodoo Island Cannibals from the album Lots O' Booty

Awakening to the Dream performed by Éiníní from the album Taking Flight

Bully in the Alley performed by Fishbones & Scurvy from the album Below the Gallows Tree    

Skye Boat Song performed by Shillelagh from the album Evening Pint

The Victory (The Ballad Of Timmy And The Red Shirt) performed by Water Street Bridge from the album Oh Death

Pachelbel Jig performed by Green Man Clan from the album We Go to Elevenses

Hieland Laddie performed by Henry Martin from the album Around the Bay

The Foggy Dew performed by Iron Hill Vagabonds from the album Circus Vagabonds        

An Cailin Fion , The Black Nag performed by Tania Opland from the album Bonnie Rantin' Lassie

Waves performed by Jackdaws from the album Amuse      

Johnny Jump Up performed by Bedlam Bards from the album Furious Fancies      

Witch of the Westmorland performed by Dianne Linn from the album A Rogue By Any Other Name    

If I Only Had Some Rum performed by Pirates For Sail from the album Dark Side of the Lagoon    

Celtic Goulash performed by The Rogues from the album American Highlander    

All For Me Grog performed by Terrible Musicians from the album No Royalty- Songs of Pirates, Paupers and Vagrants

Inis Mona performed by Saxon Moon from the album Awakening

Star Of The County Down performed by King's Busketeers from the album Boston To Belfast - The Bedroom Sessions 

The Star Of The Country Down performed by Merry Measure from the album Faire Warning

Dancing With The Devil performed by The Leprechaun Pirates from the album The Leprechaun Pirates 

Non Sofre Santa Maria (Csm-159) Dance Version performed by Istanpitta from the album PilgrimageToTheShrine    

Rusalka performed by New Minstrel Revue from the album Many Hands

Water Is Wide performed by Jack Salt and the Captain's Daughter from the album Bring Us a Barrel      

Rosin De Beau performed by Rusty Mudd from the album The Darkling Road    

Rage of the Pentahook performed by Alestorm from the album No Grave But The Sea    

Dernière Bataille performed by Barbar 'O 'Rhum from the album Toutes les Routes Mènent au Rhum

Mingulay Boat Song performed by 2 Merry Men from the album Bawdy Drunken Song-Filled Merriment

Health To The Company performed by Crossed Cannons from the album Skull And Crossed Cannons    

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