General Show (S19E12S437)


Louisiana Renaissance Festival

The Ren Cruise

Dernière Bataille performed by Barbar 'O 'Rhum from the album Toutes les Routes Mènent au Rhum

The Gathering performed by Elflore from the album The Gathering

Oak, Broom & Meadowsweet by Damh The Bard from Spirit Of Albion performed by Damn The Bard from the album Spirit Of Alblon

The Kopesh performed by Cu Dubh from the album The Warlord

Wayfaring Stranger performed by Tippler's Way from the album Let A Light Shine

My Johnny Was A Shoemaker performed by Merry Wives of Windsor from the album Tales From Windsor's Tavern

Red Haired Boy/Jolly Beggarman performed by Carolina Ceili  from the album Fifty Shades Of Green

The Fox performed by Three Quarter Ale from the album Three Quarter Ale

Rockin' The Jigs performed by Klaxton from the album Singles

Broad Black Brimmer performed by Matt Hughes from the album One October Night

A Pirate's Life performed by Fugli from the album Fugli the Less than Unauthorized Bootleg Edition

The Renaissance Pirates performed by Friar Finnegan from the album New Pub Songs

Pictavia's Pride performed by Albannach from the album Eye of the Storm

Douce Dame Jolie performed by Cantiga from the album Dreams From A Forest Garden

Bold Riley performed by 3 Pints Gone from the album Health to the Company

As I Rode Out performed by EznDil from the album EznDil (2017)

Exclamations performed by Boogie Knights from the album Cavalier Attitude

Perfectly Spherical Duck performed by Sarah Marie Mullen from the album Harper's Bizarre

Strike The Bell performed by Merry Mischief from the album Scallywags

The Faerie Glen performed by Sandra Parker from the album Call of the Faerie

John Barleycorn performed by Water Street Bridge from the album Danse Macabre

Mingulay Boat Song performed by 2 Merry Men from the album Bawdy Drunken Song-Filled Merriment performed by Gypsy Guerrilla Band from the album Ernie's Ottoman

Health to the Company performed by Whiskey Bay Rovers from the album Broadsides and Ballads


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