Anniversary Show (S18E13S412)



Louisiana Renaissance Festival

The Ren Cruise 


When I Was A Young Maid performed by Tania Opland and Mike Freeman from the album Choice Fare

Tarantella del Gargano performed by Owain Phyfe and the New World Renaissance Band from the album Tales From The Vineyard

Greensleeves performed by Rosewood Guild from the album Forever And A Day

Winter's Farewell performed by Kerridwynn from the album

One for the Road performed by The Jolly Rogers from the album X Marks the Spot

The Pint Song performed by Iris and Rose from the album The Crass Menagerie

Medieval Medley performed by Vince Conaway from the album Awakening

Haul Away, Joe performed by Jim Hancock from the album Rolling Home

Wild Rover performed by Crossed Cannons from the album Reloading the Crossed Cannons

Health To The Company performed by Minstrosity from the album Why Am I Not Surprised?

A Moroccan Six performed by Tartanic from the album Unmistakeable

Maid of Bedlam performed by Silent Lion from the album Into the Medieval World

I Never Will Marry (Or Maybe Not) performed by Shillelagh Law from the album Songs from the Bridge

Hobbit Birthday Song performed by Marc Gunn from the album Don't Go Drinking With Hobbits