Craig of Farrington HOF

Craig of Farrington

For more than a quarter of a century, faire-goers have encountered a roving “lutenist” who approaches, plays the perfect song, and then moves on. That man is Craig Merlin Broers, best known to the community as Craig of Farrington. A multi-talented musician with a repertoire of over 600 songs at his disposal, he has the right song for everyone and any occasion. In addition, he has never hesitated to contribute his time and talent to shows and to the community at large. A number of musicians have been mentored by Craig along the way, and they too have mentored what have become Craig’s musical “grandchildren”; a legacy of music that forever carries him forward.

Since his first performance at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival in 1984, his appearances on the circuit, his performances in New Orleans, to his collaborations with the Minstrels of Mayhem and the New Minstrel Revue, Craig is an ethereal presence. With his lilting voice, his kind eyes and kinder words, and his mischievous smile and wink, one could be forgiven for mistaking him for a timeless being who walks the world to sow joy and contentment. Frankly, that may be closer to the truth than one might think. He is a musician, mentor, and friend; the community is proud to honor Craig of Farrington with induction into the Renaissance Festival Hall of Fame.