Album Liner Show

The Album Liner Show is a feature accessed by Patreons of the Renaissance Festival Podcast. The Patreons get two extra shows a month. To access these shows go to

Album Liner Show 001
Album Liner Show 002
Album Liner Show 003
Album Liner Show 004
  • Twa Corbies and Fly Not Yet from Ren-ditions by Howl-o
  • The Rosabella and The Pirate Alphabet from Landlocked by Trinket
  • On Powdered Wings and Whitewater from Oracle by Djilia Phralengo
  • Long Is The Dark and Sir Eglamore from Be Gentle by The Interpreters
Album Liner Show 005
Album Liner Show 006
Album Liner Show 007
Album Liner Show 008
  • The Leaving of Liverpool and Johnny Jump Up from Bottled Up! by Axel the Sot
  • The Lark in the Morning and Maid in Bedlam from Crows and Kings by Bardmageddon
  • Galway Girls and Red is the Rose from Bardmageddon by Bardmageddon
  • I'll Tell Me Ma and Whiskey to The Sea from Another Round by Barleyjuice
Album Liner Show 009
Album Liner Show 010
Album Liner Show 011
Album Liner Show 012
Album Liner Show 013
  • Wild Rover and Beer Beer Beer performed by Bell Book & Canto from the album Poor Life Choices
  • Sheebeg Sheemore and Black Velvet Band performed by Curtis & Loretta from the album Sit Down Beside Me
  • Pirate Song and Per Adventure performed by Dogs In Doublets from the album Dogs In Doublets Sing
  • Queen of Argyll and Whistler's Farewell performed by Emerald Rose from the album Archives of Ages to Come
Album Liner Show 014
Album Liner Show 015
    • Grappa Groove and Rakish performed by Arabesque from the album A Turk In Galway
    • Bonnie Ship The Diamond and Johnny Jump Up performed by the Bilge Pumps from the album The Idiodyssey
    • Tom of Bedlam and The Blackbird performed by Diane Linn from the album 
    • Pralaya and Dorelia performed by E Muzeki from the album E Muzeki

    Album Liner Show 016
    • Sertze Tango performed by Gypsy Guerrilla Band from the album Greco Ernie 
    • The Irish Washerwoman, The Rakes of Mallow performed by Haggis Rampant from the album Wee Beastie 
    • Sir Gawain and The Green Knight performed by Heather Dale from the album The Green Knight 
    • Raggle Taggle Gypsy performed by Jackdaws from the album On the Lash
    Album Liner Show 017
    • Wild Mountain Thyme and Heiland Laddie performed by Bocca Musica from the album Live Free Or Die
    • No Snow Never(Playful) and Breakfast Blues(Blues) performed by Craig o'Farrington from the album A Ryme for Orange
    • Where the Green Grass Grows and Miles from Home performed by Jed Marum from the album Miles from Home
    • Galadriel's Lament and Hobbit Walking Song performed by Broceliande from the album The Starlit Jewel
    Album Liner Show 018

    • Cruiscín Lán and Lullabye for the Lonely performed by Éiníní from the album On the Wing
    • Rolling Of The Stone and Savage Daughter performed by Music the Gathering from the album Level One
    • Midnight Circus of the Damned and Sixteen Tons performed by Wakefire from the album Midnight Circus
    • Circles Of Stone(2018) and Smoke & Ashes(2018) performed by Pictus from the album Fire

    • Rattlin' Bog and Alexander's Hornpipe, Morrison's Jig performed by Painted Trillium from the album Painted Trillium 
    •  I Want a Lass(2018) and Son of a Bard(2018) performed by The Lost Boys from the album Paul's Walk 
    •  Life Aint Easy and Van der Decken performed by Fugli from the album Mythinterpretations 
    • Sharknado and Satan Planted Dinosaur Bones performed by Dregs from the album Dregnado

    Album Liner Show 020

    Shule Aroon (Siulil a Run)

    Performed by:
    A Minstrel Meets a Harper

    A Minstrel Meets A Harper 

    Jilli Barleycorn

    Performed by:
    Dragon of Wortley

    Silver in the Coffer

    Two Bards and a Rogue
    Salty Healer

    Performed by:
    Clearly Guilty

    Throwing Shade 

    Bear Dance
    She Moved Through the Faire

    performed by:
     April Knight

    Allons Y Time Traveler's Tunes

    Album Liner Show 021-Coming Soon