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The Rebuttal of Schrödinger's Cat performed by Sarah Donner from the album That Is A Pegasus

Anne Bonny performed by Bonny Moffatt The Traveller and Storyteller from the album First Fabulae

Mingulay Boat Song[6] performed by Captain John Stout from the album Songs From the Water's Edge disc 1

Sstar Of The Country Down/Tam Lin performed by Carolina Ceili  from the album Fifty Shades of Green

Raggle Taggle Gypsies[1] performed by Ceann from the album Last Ones Standing

Huntsmans Chorus performed by Chris Gray from the album Fuist

The Sun & the Rose performed by Damh The Bard from the album Spirit Of Albion

John Barleycorn[2] performed by EznDil from the album EznDil (2017)

Cantiga 166[4] performed by Craig o'Farrington from the album Lute Etouffee

Childgrove[5] performed by Empty Hats from the album 5 [Five]

Rolling Down to Old Maui[2] performed by Celtic Mayhem from the album Celtic Mayhem

Auckland to the Bluff[1] performed by Crimson Pirates from the album Jack of all Trades

Drawing Out performed by Gwyneth Whistlewood the Feral Flute from the album Waking the Devas

Danny Boy[6] performed by Kathleen Johnson from the album Faire Music

Name on My Soul[2] performed by Kilted Kings from the album Name On My Soul

Kashmir performed by Circa Paleo from the album Roseland

Spancil Hill[1] performed by 3 Pints Gone from the album Home Brew

Notre Terre performed by Barbar 'O'Rhum from the album Toutes les Routes Mènent au Rhum

One-Minute Man performed by Bocca Musica from the album Live Free Or Die

Easter Bunny Ninja Halfling performed by Dan The Bard from the album Epic Lute

Rowdy Soul[7] performed by Luku the Mad Skald from the album Pissed Drunk and Pissed Off

The Ace And Deuce Of Pipering, the King Of the Fairies performed by T J Hall & Jeff Ksiazek from the album Éist

King Otool And His Goose[2] performed by The Skald's Circle from the album Stories Of Eire CD2

Palestinalied performed by Peter D'Piper from the album Intempore Spiritus

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