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Drink Boys Drink[2] performed by Axel the Sot and Gibbon the Troubadour from the album Keelhauler[2]

Silk Road[1] performed by Ladies at Play from the album Once Upon A Waltz

Itches in Me Britches[6] performed by Righteous Blackguards from the album Just The Tip

The Girl I Left Behind Me[1] performed by DeCantus from the album Tonight We'll Merry Bee

Barrel of Whiskey performed by Langer's Ball from the album Hold Tight

The RecruiterFree Rum Ain't Free performed by Whiskey Bards from the album The Recruiter...Free Rum Ain't Free

Jennie Mccall performed by Black Oak Shillelagh from the album Och, The Places We've Been

Hobbit Walking Song performed by Broceliande from the album The Starlit Jewel

Loch Lomond[3] performed by Chaste Treasure from the album Chaste Treasure

Scarborough Faire[8] performed by Merry Wives of Windsor from the album Happy  Endings

Tam Lin[3] performed by Misfits of Avalon from the album Avalon Moon

Farmors Polska[2] performed by Wolgemut from the album Singles[5]

Ye Mariners All performed by Crannog from the album In Your Own Dreams

Isn't It Grand[4] performed by MenageAMoi from the album Raise a Toast

How Can I Keep From Singing performed by Lady Prudence from the album All's Faire

Vada, chmieĺ, solad (Water, Hop, Molt) performed by Stary Olsa from the album Kola Rycerska

Johnny Medley performed by Capt'n Black's Sea Dogs from the album Tales of the Black Dog

So Early in the Morning performed by Jesse Ferguson from the album Sea Shanties and Whaling Ballads

Harvest of the Moon performed by Jon Baade from the album Cliche

Rocky Road to Dublin,the Butterfly performed by Bubble and Squeak from the album Bits and Pieces

Scallywagg performed by Boom Pirates from the album Prepare To Be Boarded

Sin performed by Hey Nunnie Nunnie from the album Hey Nunnie! Nunnie!

Sarah, Sarah[1] performed by Iris and Rose from the album The Crass Menagerie

Old Keg Of Rum performed by Rum Fellows from the album Okie Maritime Music-For The Landlocked Pirate

Scotland the Brave[6] performed by Klaxton from the album Singles[3]

Spanish Rose performed by Nazario Chickpeazio from the album It's not my Fault I'm a Chick Magnet

Swarm of Cicada's performed by Cu Dubh from the album Walkn' the Cinders

Parting Glass[19] performed by Embra from the album Three Part One Heart

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