General Show (Season 20 Episode 1 Show 452 )

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Morisque performed by Consort of SomeSorte from the album Danse

Parcel O'Rogues performed by Zoe Alexander from the album Bardsong

My Bonnie Jean performed by Bard of the South from the album The Minstrel Boy    

Moonshiner performed by Phillip Hole from the album Digging It    

Finnegan's Wake performed by Belles of Bedlam from the album Folked Up!        

The Pirate And The Ninja performed by Rum Runners from the album Got Rum?

The Dragon and the Virgin performed by In Our Cups from the album Foolish Pleasure

Come to the Dance performed by Emerald Rose from the album Archives of Ages to Come    

Lanigan's Ball performed by Bethany McLyr from the album The Eye of the Storm

Once Upon a Time performed by C. Wayne Owens from the album Seymoure Says

Tell Me Ma, Africa performed by The Borderers from the album Tales of Love & Loss    

Rosin The Bow performed by Curtis & Loretta from the album Sit Down Beside Me        

A Love That Grows performed by Lindsay Smith from the album Beautiful Life

I'm A Rover performed by Mickle a Do from the album Dear Friends And Gentle Hearts

Don't Follow Willow Wisps performed by Below the Gaff from the album Songs of Warship    

Galway Races performed by Celtic Stone from the album Natural Bridges

Smash the Windows performed by Matthew H Schwarz from the album The Journeyman Harper    

Ex semine performed by Matthew H Schwarz from the album The Journeyman Harper    

Irish Rover performed by Captain Black Jack Murphy from the album Pogue Mahone Means Kiss My Arse    

Roll the Old Chariot Along performed by Jolly Rogues from the album Hicks the Pirate        

Have Some Madiera M'Dear performed by Siler and Clarc from the album Blu
Kafka's Fancy performed by Circled_by_Hounds    from the album

Howl NO Demon Louder  

Health to the Company performed by Gallowglass Irish Trio from the album All the Best

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