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The Water Is Wide performed by Éiníní from the album Taking Flight

Loch Lomond performed by Green Man Clan from the album We Go to Elevenses

King Henry performed by Friar Finnegan from the album New Pub Songs

Chick Magnet performed by Nazario Chickpeazio from the album It's not my Fault I'm a Chick Magnet

Rambles Of Spring performed by Celtic Shores from the album Let's Raise Another Pint

Keroboushka performed by Ky Hote from the album A Mintrel's Life

Johnny Jump Up performed by The Captain and Malarky from the album Singles

Oliver Mcnair performed by Battlelegs from the album The Soup Mages

The Rights Of Man performed by The Rogues from the album American Highlander

Mary Ellen Carter performed by Captain John Stout from the album Past, Present, & Future

Prettiest Hobbit performed by Kilted Kings from the album Name On My Soul

Hiring Fair performed by Darren Raleigh from the album Silverwheel

The Sailor's Wife Glasgow Reel performed by The Irish Bard from the album The Irish Bard

The Old Dun Cow (Live) performed by The Reelin Rogues from the album Live At Claddagh

Haste To The Wedding, Kesh Jig, Jump At The Sun performed by Empty Hats from the album 5

Santiano performed by The Bilge Pumps from the album Broadside Buddies

The Mermaid performed by Celtica Fae from the album Debut Album

La Prime Estampie Royale performed by Larry Dearing from the album Les Estampies Royales

La Seconde Estampie Royale performed by Larry Dearing from the album Les Estampies Royales

Transposing Delphi-Mirror Dreams performed by Gwyneth Whistlewood the Feral Flute from the album Amaltheia's Lullaby

Rowdy Soul performed by Darcy Nair from the album HighStrung

the Mummer's Dance performed by Elizabeth and Ernesto from the album Elizabeth and Ernesto

Yarmouth Town performed by Celtic Squall from the album Celtic Squall

Health To The Company performed by The Pirate Shantyman & Bonnie Lasse from the album Faire Favorites And Songs Of The Sea

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