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Pea Soup Fog performed by Axel the Sot and Gibbon the Troubadour from the album Keelhauler

A Pirate's Tale performed by Blackjacks n' Blarney from the album Bite Size

A Pirate's Life performed by Fugli from the album Fugli the Less than Unauthorized Bootleg Edition

Pirate Ship the Diamond performed by Majestic Reign from the album Renaissance Steel

No Quarter Given performed by Crossed Cannons from the album Skull And Crossed Cannons

The Devil's Son performed by The Jolly Rogers from the album Pirates' Gold

Skeleton Crew performed by Capt'n Black's Sea Dogs from the album Tales of the Black Dog

Pirate's Life performed by Rambling Sailors from the album Bright Shining Clear

Ship That Never Returned performed by Righteous Blackguards from the album Just The Tip

Ghost of Pierre LeBlanc performed by Whiskey Bay Rovers from the album Broadsides and Ballads

Talk Like a Pirate performed by Tom Mason and the Blue Buccaneers from the album The World is Ablaze

Hoist the Colors performed by The Cross Jacks from the album The Cross Jacks

High Barbaree performed by Marooned from the album Dance Macaw

Sail On performed by Merry Wives of Windsor from the album Bottoms Up

Being A Pirate performed by Pyrates Royale from the album Black Jack

Gangplank performed by Ye Banished Privateers from the album Legend of Libertalia

If I Only Had Some Rum performed by Pirates For Sail from the album Dark Side of the Lagoon

The Pirate Alphabet performed by Trinket from the album Landlocked

The Beast Of Pirate's Bay performed by Voltaire from the album To the Bottom Of The Sea

Pirate Lullabye performed by Whiskey Bards from the album The Recruiter...Free Rum Ain't Free

Captain Kid performed by Ceann from the album Making Friends

Anne Bonny performed by Bonny Moffatt The Traveller and Storyteller from the album First Fabulae

Nelson's Blood performed by Boom Pirates from the album Prepare To Be Boarded

The Parting Glass performed by Quarter Master Band from the album Quarter Master


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