General Show(S19E14S439)


Louisiana Renaissance Festival

The Ren Cruise

The Mummer's Dance performed by Elizabeth and Ernesto from the album Elizabeth and Ernesto

The Rosabella performed by Trinket from the album Landlocked

Forge of the Nymph performed by Minstrel_rav'n from the album The Minstrel and the Harp

Dansa Farfalla performed by Ladies at Play from the album Once Upon A Waltz

One More Day performed by Pirates Of Rogues Cove from the album Setting Sail

The Wellerman performed by Angus McHugh, Scottish Pirate from the album X Marks the Spot

Cool Spring Eve performed by Iron Hill Vagabonds from the album Whiskey & Promises

Jennie Mccall performed by Black Oak Shillelagh from the album Och, The Places We've Been

Spanish Rose performed by Nazario Chickpeazio from the album It's not my Fault I'm a Chick Magnet

A Virgen Mui Groriosa (Csm-42) performed by Istanpitta from the album PilgrimageToTheShrine

Romantanask by James Hazlerig from Cedric's Overmode performed by James Cedrick Hazlerig from the album Cedric's Overmode

La La La Song performed by Empty Hats from the album 5

Johnny Come Down to Hilo performed by Craig o'Farrington from the album Going Overboard

The Fields Of Athenry (Live) performed by The Reelin Rogues from the album Live At Claddagh

Skye Boat Song performed by Wakefire from the album Meaning of Life

Spancil Hill performed by Celtic Mayhem from the album Celtic Mayhem

Mary Mac performed by Blame Not the Bard from the album Soundcheck

Drunken Pirate performed by Captain John Stout from the album Songs From the Water's Edge disc 2

What Do You Do With A Drunken Ducky performed by Fiddler's Tales from the album Waddles From The Sea

King Otool And His Goose performed by The Skald's Circle from the album Stories Of Eire CD1

A Rovin performed by Bone & String from the album London Town Session

Wild Mountain Thyme Caledonia Galway Shawl Bonny Portmore performed by Grey Aengus from the album Gaelic Soup

Mingulay Boat performed by Celtica Fae from the album Debut Album

Health To The Company performed by Storywrens from the album The Sailor and the Mermaid


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