AWARDS (S19E5S430)


Louisiana Renaissance Festival

The Ren Cruise

The Wind and the Rain performed by April Knight from the album Allons Y Time Traveler's Tunes

Morgan Magan performed by Celtic Mayhem from the album Celtic Mayhem

Flame Of Wrath performed by Pictus from the album Fire

Foggy Dew performed by The Craic Show from the album Up in the Pub

Like Ships Need the Sea performed by Bardy Pardy from the album Bardy Pardy (Self-Titled)

The Devil Went Down To Sussex performed by Rowan and the Rose from the album Friendly Traveling Minstrels

Bonny Portmore performed by Donal Hinely from the album Glass Stories

Scarborough Faire performed by Queen Ann's Lace from the album Unlaced

Isn't It Grand performed by MenageAMoi from the album Raise a Toast

Whiskey, You're the Devil performed by Marc Gunn from the album How America Saved Irish Music

Northern Virtues performed by Emily Kellam from the album Waves On The Shore

The Irish Washerwoman, The Rakes of Mallow performed by Haggis Rampant from the album Wee Beastie

Step it Out, Mary performed by Jonathan Ramsey from the album Jonathan Ramsey

The Toasting Song performed by The Musical Blades from the album Full Frontal Piracy

Mingulay Boat Song performed by 3 Pints Gone from the album It's About Bloody Time

All About the Moor (Othello) - featuring Lady Prudence performed by Shakespeare Approves from the album Are You There God? It's Me, Shakespeare

Parting Glass performed by Chaste Treasure from the album Chaste Treasure

Roses & Lilacs performed by Vince Conaway from the album Mosaic

Sing We and Chant it performed by Myschyffe Managed from the album Faire Play

When the Ship Hit the Sand performed by Bounding Main from the album Fish Out of Water

The Bodhran Song performed by The Pride of Ireland from the album Water, Hops, and Grains

Big Jigs performed by Tartanic from the album Unmistakeable


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