Kids and Fairies, Fun With The Little Folk

Season 16 Episode 10 Show 357

Nancy Daily-Green
Blackmore's Night
Captain Black Jack Murphy
C. Wayne Owens
Flying Fish Sailors
Faire to Middlin'
Tomas The Accordionist
Tomas The Accordionist
Fiddler's Tales
Oakley the Faerie
Sandra Parker
Queen Ann's Lace
Crimson Pirates
Crimson Pirates
Dan The Bard

Galamor the Bard
Louisiana Renaissance Festival
Renaissance Magazine
The Ren Cruise
The Unicorn performed by Hawke from the album Out of the Nest
Dancing Sailor performed by Nancy Daily-Green from the album Singing, Dancing, Everywhere
The Faery Dance performed by Kaade from the album At A Loss For Words
Far Far Away performed by Blackmore's Night from the album Secret Voyage
Botany Bay performed by Captain Black Jack Murphy from the album Pogue Mahone Means Kiss My Arse
I'ts Alright so Far performed by C. Wayne Owens from the album SeymoureSays
King of the Cannibal Islands performed by Flying Fish Sailors from the album Loch Ness Monster
Robin Hood & Marion- (when she was 8 and he was 10) performed by Faire to Middlin' from the album Faire to Middlin - just  kidding around
Levan Polka /Korobeiniki performed by Tomas The Accordionist from the album BeyondTheHills
King Of Faeries,Rights Of Man performed by Fiddler's Tales from the album Waddles From The Sea
A Faerie's Love Song performed by Oakley the Faerie from the album First Sapling
The Faerie Glen performed by Sandra Parker from the album Call of the Faerie
Mr. Fox's Garden performed by Queen Ann's Lace from the album Unlaced
Sail On performed by Crimson Pirates from the album SailOn
Pete the Polymorpher performed by Dan The Bard from the album Manticores and Owlbears
Wild Rover performed by Galamor the Bard from the album Drive By Barding
The Renaissance Festival Bawdy Show
Faire Relief 2020 to support the Faire comunity.
Digital Ren Faire to watch online festivals.
Pirate Directory for a listing of all things piratical.
The Ren List for a listing of all Renaissance Festivals.

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