Keep Your Distance

Season 16 Episode 7 Show 354

Pandora Celtica, Marc Gunn, Bell Book & Canto, The Bilge Pumps, Emerald Rose, Pride O' Bedlam, Bethany McLyr, Below the Gaff, Bounding Main, Flying Fish Sailors, Cheeks and Phoenix, Quarter Master Band, Cu Dubh, Quarter Master Band, Raggle Taggle Gypsies, Rambling Sailors


  • Health To The Company performed by Pandora Celtica from the album Dog Party 
  • The Barrel Song performed by Marc Gunn from the album Soul of a Harper 
  • Skyboat Song performed by Bell Book & Canto from the album High Seananigans 
  • The Dark Lady performed by The Bilge Pumps from the album BrigandswithBig'uns 
  • Dance of the Rats performed by Emerald Rose from the album Archives of Ages to Come 
  • Tom O' Bedlam performed by Pride O' Bedlam from the album Boarding Party 
  • Lanigan's Ball performed by Bethany McLyr from the album Eye of the Storm 
  • Johnny Jump Up performed by Below the Gaff from the album SongsOfWarship 
  • When the Ship Hit the Sand performed by Bounding Main from the album Fish Out of Water 
  • Poke You in the Eye performed by Flying Fish Sailors from the album Poke You in the Eye
  • Till The Sea Becomes Our Grave performed by Cheeks and Phoenix from the album Any Requests 
  • The Dance Of Death performed by Quarter Master Band from the album Quarter Master
  • Vedrfolnir performed by Cu Dubh from the album The Warlord
  • Wild Rover performed by Quarter Master Band from the album Quarter Master 
  • Requiem For The Princess performed by Raggle Taggle Gypsies from the album Best Of The Raggle Taggle Gypsies 
  • Day Of The Clipper performed by Rambling Sailors from the album Ports Of Call