Season 15 Episode 22 Bonfire Show

Season 15  Episode 22 Bonfire Show


  • The Ravens performed by The Craic Show from the album Down in the Juke
  • Witch's Reel performed by Far From Home from the album Why Not
  • Step It Out, Mary performed by Maguire Brothers from the album Sibling Rivalry 
  • Bedlam Boys performed by Storywrens from the album The Sailor and the Mermaid
  • Wickerman performed by Cu Dubh from the album Order of the Owl 
  • All Among the Barley performed by Celtic Squall from the album Celtic Squall
  • With Her Head Tucked Underneath Her Arm performed by Faire to Middlin' from the album Kilts, Celts, & Kippers 
  • Katy Cruel performed by Abby Green from the album Why Should I
  • Cape Cod Girls performed by Whiskey Bay Rovers from the album Broadsides and Ballads
  • Mj√∂llnir performed by Cu Dubh from the album Order of the Owl
  • Ghost of a Rose performed by Blackmore's Night from the album Ghost Of A Rose 
  • Health to the Company performed by Wakefire from the album Midnight Circus