Top 20 CDs of 2018 (S15E6)(327)

Season 15 Episode 6

Bardmageddon / Bocca Musica / Cheeks and Phoenix / Craig Merlin Broers / Cu Dubh / Dregs / Iron Hill Vagabonds / Lost Boys / Merry Wives of Windsor / Minstrel Ravn The / Music the Gathering / Reelin' Rogues The / Rowan and the Rose / Shakespeare Approves / The Craic Show / The Naughty Bawdy Brigade / Vince Conaway / Whiskey Bay Rovers / Wolgemut


  • Rosin the Beau performed by Whiskey_Bay_Rovers from Broadsides and Ballads
  • Innocence Lost performed by Cheeks_and_Phoenix from Heckfire & Charcoal
  • Solfeggio Ale performed by Bocca_Musica from Bocca Musica Live! Finally Legal (Double CD Pack)
  • We've Got Whiskey In The Jar performed by Minstrel_Ravn_The from The Minstrel and the Harp
  • Four Able Physicians, performed by Bardmageddon from Bawdy Ballads
  • (Fiddlin' on a) Cool Spring Eve performed by Iron_Hill_Vagabonds from Whiskey & Promises: A Collection of Irish Favourites
  • I Want a Lass performed by Lost_Boys from Paul's Walk
  • On The Hunt(2018) performed by Vince_Conaway from Liminal Spaces
  • Sharknado performed by Dregs from Dregnado
  • Old Dun Cow performed by Reelin'_Rogues_The from Live at Claddagh
  • Saucy Sailor performed by Music_the_Gathering from LVL 1
  • Everybody Knows performed by Rowan_and_the_Rose from We Have Adventures
  • Mairead's Mortal Wound performed by Cu_Dubh from The Warlord
  • I Come to Sing performed by Craig_Merlin_Broers from A Lucky Man and his Lute
  • Funkengroovenfesttanz (CSM 100 / Skudrinka) performed by Wolgemut from Funkengroovenfest
  • Seven Seas performed by The_Craic_Show from The Double Album,
  • All About the Moor (Othello) - featuring Lady Prudence performed by Shakespeare_Approves from Are You There God? It's Me, Shakespeare
  • O'neill's March performed by Pictus from Fire
Top 20 Cds of 2018