Renaissance Festival Podcast #230


Dragons vs. Pirates, New Steampunk Album by Marc Gunn


A Drop of Nelson’s Blood by Captain Black Jack Murphy from Pogue Mahone Means Kiss My Arse


Tony Artym

Matt Ledder

Joe Haydu

Marc Gunn

Angelica Agoes

David Reiland

Sonya Reiland


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Beer, Beer, Beer by Molly & The Tinker from Pour Us Another One

Boozin’ by Brass Farthing from Chorus for a Queen

Bunch Of Keys by Neidfyre from Anatidaephobia

The Holly and The Ivy by Heather Dale from This Endris Night

A MINUTE IN HISTORY by Sonya Reiland

Elizabeth by Rowan and the Rose from Friendly Traveling Mintrels

Galway Shawl, The by 3 Pints Gone from Home Brew

Hard To Be Happy by Celtic Soul from Ways

Horse’s Bransle by The Gypsy Guerrilla Band from Ernie Rocks!

Bedlam Boys by Circled By Hounds from Howl No Demon Louder

THE DUNGEON by Tony Artym

Tornado Song by Clandestine from The Ale Is Dear

Johnny Home by Musical Blades from Pieces of Eight Disc 1

Mormond Braes by Tullamore from The O’Malley’s Sessions – One for the Road

The Song of the Hammers by Ed Miller from Lolander

THE TOWER by Angelica Agoes

Never Split The Party by Emerald Rose from Con Suite

Ol Dun Cow by Irish Blind from Irish Blind

Pancho & Lefty by Hawke from Out Of The Nest

Never Return to the Sea by The Whiskey Boys from Mary Come To Boston

Story Time by Marc Gunn


Scotland Is Her Name by Albannach from Eye Of The Storm

Screw the Ocampa (Bitrektual Version) by Aurelio Voltaire from Bitrektual

Settlers of Kataan by Battlelegs from The Soup Mages

Tam Lin by Dave Hum from Celtic and Bluegrass 5 String Banjo, Vol. 2

The Brigantine by The Pyrates Royale from Tales of the Brigantine


Renaissance Festival Podcast #211 – 8th Anniversary Drinking Show Special

Music from Marc Gunn, The Pyrates Royale, The Merry Wives of Windsor, Molly and the Tinker, Ceann, Axel the Sot, Joni Minstrel, Siler and Clarc, Brian Leo, Jesse Linder, 3 Pints Gone, Musical Blades, The Poxy Boggards, Brobdingnagian Bards, and The Jolly Rogers


Celtic Invasion Vacations

Today’s show is brought to you by The Celtic Invasion Vacations
Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime? Join Marc Gunn on a Celtic Invasion Vacation! You will enjoy a small, friendly group that is one-third the size of most tour groups. You will relax and savor the land like a local as you experience our motto: good food, good drink, and good company. Plus, you will enjoy lots of great Celtic music from Marc Gunn and others in local pubs. Smile, laugh, and sing-along as you enjoy exotic sites around the world, and make lots of new memories with Marc Gunn’s Celtic Invasion Vacations. We’re heading back to Ireland in 2014! Join the invasion today at


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Welcome to the 8th Anniversary of the Renaissance Festival Podcast! It’s our drinking show! The Renaissance Festival Podcast is not responsible in any way for the drunkenness that may occur whilst listening to and/or partaking in this show. Remember to please drink responsibly.

The Renaissance Festival Podcast Drinking Game! Take a drink when…

1. There is a stumble or screw up
2. Any of the words Beer, Whiskey, Ale, Rum, or Mead are mentioned
3. When Marc, or any one else on the show promotes themselves
4. Marc or any one else on the show plugs one of their other shows
5. When we make up some facts that are not true
6. For any time one of the hosts laugh
7. Take 2 shots if someone picks on Marc
8. When the words Wench(es) or Lass(es) are mentioned, take bawdy shot off the person closest to you

“Beer, Beer, Beer” by Marc Gunn
from Kilted for Her Pleasure

“We’re Here To Drink The Whiskey” by The Pyrates Royale
from Black Jack

“We Love Beer” by The Merry Wives of Windsor
from Bottoms Up

“One More Beer” by Molly and the Tinker
from Triumphs, Tears and Treasures

“Green Beer” by Ceann
from Almost Irish

“Beer Is Better Than Women” by Axel the Sot
from Tales From The Tavern

“Whiskey and Beer” by Joni Minstrel
from Joni Minstrel Kicks the king

“Whiskey, Wine and Beer” by Siler and Clarc
from Blu

“Whiskey, Stout and Beer” by Brian Leo
from Tinker’s Rest

“The Humors of Whiskey” by Jesse Linder
from The Bramble and the Rose

“Nancy Whiskey” by 3 Pints Gone
from One More Round

“Whiskey in the Jar” by Musical Blades
from Musical Blades Singles

“Whiskey You’re the Devil” by The Poxy Boggards
from The Poxy Boggards Singles

“Johnny Jump Up” by Brobdingnagian Bards
from The Holy Grail of Irish Drinking Songs

“All For Me Grog” by The Jolly Rogers
from Pirates’ Gold

Renaissance Festival Podcast #176 – Talk Like a Pirate Day

Sponsor: ALEP 2: There and Back Again

PSA – Talk Like a Pirate Day” by Captain Black Jack Murphy, Pirate Extraordinaire from Pogue Mahone Means Kiss My Arse

Wicked” by The Jolly Rogers from Cutlass Cannon and Curves

The Blackened Pearl” by Pirate Comedy Show from Pirate Comedy Show Album

Pirate’s Life” by Rambling Sailors from Bright Shining Clear

When I was a young Maid” by Tania Opland and Mike Freeman from Choice Fare

Sister Selkie” by Pandora Celtica from Out of the Box

Come ‘n Be A Pirate” by Crimson Pirates from Come ‘n Be A Pirate

General Taylor” by The Dregs from Our Drunk Goes To Eleven

The Fair(e) Lass” by Marooned from Marooned

The Dark Lady” by Bedlam Bards from Furious Fancies

Saucy Sailor” by Clandestine from The Ale is Dear

High Barbary” by The Pyrates Royale from Tales of the Brigantine

Derelict (Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum) by the Musical Blades from live at pubs and Pirate core

The Lime Juice Ship” by The Pirates of Rogues Cove from Setting Sail

Down Among The Dead Men” by The BOOM from Prepare To Be Boarded

Won’t You come with Me by Captain Black Jack Murphy from Pogue Mahone Means Kiss My Arse

PSA Support Piracy!” by Captain Black Jack Murphy from Pogue Mahone Means Kiss My Arse

Renaissance Festival Podcast #173

Sponsor: ALEP 2: There and Back Again

Drunken Sailor by Iris & Rose from Two in the Bush

Whiskey in the Jar by Terrible Musicians from No Royalty: Songs of Pirates, Paupers and Vagrants

WoodPile Song by Jack Salt & The Captain’s Daughter from Bring Us a Barrel

Riu, Riu, Chiu by Bocca Musica from Fyer, Fyer

Castle of Dramoor by Marooned from Better Than Live

FEATURE – Interview with the Bust Dusters

PROMO – Teknikal Diffikulties

The Red Head by The Rogues from Made in Texas

Rolling Home by The Pyrates Royale from Tales of the Brigantine

Angel Of My Life by Mistress Bawd from Give Back My Bordello

I Care Not For These Ladies by Craig of Farrington from 20 Years of Spicy Delights

Tam O’Shanter by The Muses from Passing Time

Renaissance Festival Podcast #168

Sponsor: ALEP 2: There and Back Again

Come Down You Roses/Blood Red Roses by The Pyrates Royale from Tales of the Brigantine

Four Hundred Turns by Tania Opland from Sunset’s Gold

Farewell To Talwaithe by Curtis & Loretta from Sit Down Beside Me

Ninety-Eight Not Out by Mallory & McCall from Kings of the Sea

Jardin Feerique by Cast in Bronze from Spirit of the Bells

FEATURE -Interview with Hey Nunnie Nunnie

Beggerman’s Song by Axel the Sot from Tales from the Tavern

Woman, Thou Art Beautiful by The Lost Boys from Heroes & Scoundrels

Morgan le Fay by Brigand’s Folie from Twain

Why Do You Call? by Craig of Farrington from 20 Years of Spicy Delights

Butterfly by Nancy Daily-Green from singing, dancing, everywhere