Renaissance Festival Podcast #218 – Kristen’s Totally Inappropriate Porno Bawdy Holiday Special Show

Music from Iris and Rose, Wicked Tinkers, 3 Pints Gone, Queen’s Gambit, The Village Idiots, Siler & Clarc, Bocca Musica, The Jolly Rogers, The Poxy Boggards, Seymoure, Queen Anne’s Lace, Axel the Sot, Craig of Farrington, The Limeybirds, The Merry Wives of Windsor, NeidFyre, and The Dregs

Sponsor: Sandra Howard

Today’s show is brought to you by Sandra Howard. Sandra has been involved with Renaissance faires since 1969, and has been on the cast at the Bristol Renaissance Faire for 8 years.


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“Deformed Farm” by Iris and Rose
from The Crass Menagerie

“The Farmer” by Wicked Tinkers
from Hammered

“The Moose” by 3 Pints Gone
from One More Round

“Moose to Bruce” by Queen’s Gambit
from Off the Board!

“Big Bosomed Girls” by The Village Idiots
from Chamber of Stupidity

“Nine Inch Will Please A Lady” by Siler & Clarc
from Blu

“Enormous Penis” by Bocca Musica
from Goin’ South

“Curvy Girls” by The Jolly Rogers
from Cutlass Cannon and Curves

“She’s a Whore” by The Poxy Boggards
from Liver Let Die

“The Pudding Song” by Seymoure
from Seymoure Says

“The Chandler’s Wife” by Queen Anne’s Lace
from Faire to Stormy Weather

“The Hairs of Her Dickie Di Doh” by Axel the Sot
from Bottled Up!

“When Sylvia is Bathing” by Craig of Farrington
from Naughty

“The Ballad of Sam and Lily” by The Limeybirds
from The Naked Album

“Letters from the Sea” by The Merry Wives of Windsor
from Here’s to the Men

“Angus” by NeidFyre
from Duck Feet Waddling

“Do You Have What I Have?” by The Dregs
from Dreggnog

Renaissance Festival Podcast #166

Sponsor: ALEP 2: There and Back Again

“Leave Her Johnny Leave Her” by 3 Pints Gone from There Is A Ship

“Reels” by The Rogues from Live in Canada Eh?

“Locked Up a Lady” by Holdyn Twyst from Fully Stocked

“The Gallowglass from Calontir” by Shillelagh Law from Songs from the Bridge

“A Well-Dressed Hobbit” by Marc Gunn from Don’t Go Drinking With Hobbits

“Mind Over Mind” by Circa Paleo from Eleven Lives

FEATURE – Interview with Circa Paleo

“Shikee, Shikee Baba” by Circa Paleo from Eleven Lives

PROMO – Celtic Myth Podshow

“A Pirate’s Life” by Fugli from Fugli: The Less Than Unauthorized “Bootleg” Edition

“Seymoure Stories #1” by Seymoure from Seymoure Says

“The Lusty Young Smith” by Siler & Clarc from A Little Longer

Renaissance Festival Podcast #157 – Interview with Zilch the Torysteller

Greenman by Bramblebush from Songs from the Glade

Percussion Suite by Wicked Tinkers from Loud

Thistle by Scott Boswell from Thistle

Quare Bungle Rye by The Crimson Pirates from That’s So Sad

Subo by Owain Phyfe from Lagrimas de Sangria

FEATURE – Interview with Zilch the Torysteller

Wheel Of Fortune by Emerald Rose from Archives of Ages To Come

The Basso by Maidens III from Charm & Fire

The Bologna Song by Seymoure (aka C. Wayne Owens) from Seymoure Says

When I was a Fair Maid by Rambling Sailors from Wanderlust

Up A Tree/Garry Owen/Legacy by Empty Hats from Released


Renaissance Festival Podcast #152 – Bawdy Special Show

She’s a Whore by The Poxy Boggards from Liver Let Die

Do You Have What I Have? by The Dregs from Dreggnog

Nine Inches Will Please A Lady by Siler & Clarc from Blu

All the Lads in Town by The Merry Wives of Windsor from Here’s to the Men

The Hairs of Her Dickie Di Doh (LIVE) by Axel the Sot from Bottled Up!

Professions by The Interpreters from Be Gentle

Roll Me Over by Crass Roots from The Orphaned Celtic Children’s Whiskey Fund

The Vicar and the Frog by Bedlam Bards from Barnyard Bedlam: A Cock and Bull Story

The Pudding Song by Seymoure from Seymoure Says

When Sylvia is Bathing by Craig of Farrington from Naughty

My Thing is My Own by Merry Mischief from Lusty Ditties

Old King Cole by Iris n Rose from Bedtime Stories

Enormous Penis by Bocca Musica from Goin’ South

The Renaissance Festival Podcast Show #150 – Our Favorites

“When I Was A Young Maid” by Tania Opland and Mike Freeman
from Choice Faire

“Cyrus in the Moonlight” by Empty Hats
from The Hat Came Back

“Tinkers’ Rest” by Minstrosity
from Why Am I Not Surprised?

“Wintery Queen” by Coyote Run
from Between Wick and Flame

“Cyrus in the Moonlight” by the Empty Hats
from The Hat Came Back (Also requested by Tony!)

“The Dark Lady” by Bedlam Bards
from Furious Fancies

“Christmas Time in Texas” by the Brobdingnagian Bards
from Christmas in Brobdingnag, Vol. 1

“The Moose Song” by 3 Pints Gone
from One More Round

“The Two Magicians” by the Empty Hats
from The Hat Came Back

“Lusty Young Smith” by the Brobdingnagian Bards
from A Faire To Remember

“Old Dun Cow” by the Brobdingnagian Bards
from Brobdingnagian Fairy Tales

“The 3 Song” by Craig Of Farrington
from 20 Years Of Spicy Delights

“Labyrinth” by Vince Conaway
from Labyrinth

“The Pudding Song” by Seymoure
from Seymoure Says

“Ballad of Joss” by Bedlam Bards
from On the Drift

“Come Down You Roses/Blood Red Roses” by The Pyrates Royale
from Tales of the Brigantine

“Quand La Pastora” by L’Ensemble Cercamon
from L’Ensemble Cercamon Singles

“Blow Liza Blow” by Bounding Main
from Going Overboard

“Oor Hamlet” by the Brobdingnagian Bards
from Real Men Wear Kilts

“Sail the Sky” by Bedlam Bards
from On the Drift

“Wagon Wheel” by The Dregs
from Angelina Farewell Concert