Round Table at the Louisiana Renaissance Festival (248G)

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Dragon Feeds Tonight by Boogie Knights from Cavalier Attitude

Skipping to Dublin by Keelhaul from A Maritime Tradition

The Game Of Cards (Trad.) by Kenny Klein from Little Birds Of Desire

We Are the Lost Boys by The Lost Boys from The Lost Boys

Mrs McGraw by Chaste Treasure from Chaste Treasure

The Cuckoo’s Nest by Chaste Treasure from Chaste Treasure

As I Was Going to Ballynure by Maidens III from Charm & Fire

Whistling Gypsy by Maidens IV from Emerald Fire

Fiddler’s Green by Whiskey Bay Rovers from Shantyman’s Folly

Do-Re-Beer by The Limeybirds from Tweet!!!

Greensleeves by Lady Prudence from All’s Faire

Drunkards Prayer by Malarky and Poppycock from A Drink to All

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Ballad of Robin Hood by Matt Hughes from One October Night

I Wish They’d Do It Now by Merry Measure from Faire Warning

Jolly Rovin’ Tar by The Shantyman (Gregg Csikos) from Pirate’s Life

Traveling Minstrels by Rowan And The Rose from Friendly Traveling Minstrels

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The Mower by Marc Gunn from Kilted for Her Pleasure

Dirty Ol’ Bird by Mallory and McCall from Kings of the Sea

The Faire is Over by Lorella Loftus



Andrew McKee

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Mad Hatter

Paolo Garbanzo

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The Dungeon by Tony Artym with RenFest News

A MOMENT IN HISTORY by The Rude Tudors with Renaissance History

Background Music: Reflection by Cast in Bronze from Laird of the Rings

Minute with Fugli_05_Unicorn by Fugli

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