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Wild Mountain Thyme by Abby Green from Fig for a Kiss

A Lusty Young Smith by Craig of Farrington from 20 Years Of Spicy Delights

The Dark Lady by Diane Linn (aka: The Bard O’Neal) from Tails of the Trickster

Donald Where’s Your Trousers? by The Dublin Doubles from Where’s Yer Trousers!

Whistler’s Farewell by Emerald Rose from Archives of Ages to Come

Martin Said To His Man by Heather Dale from The Green Knight

Black Velvet Band by The Iron Hill Vagabonds from Whiskey and Promises

Step It Out Mary by Jesse Linder from Easy & Free

Burn the Bodice by Joni Minstrel from Joni Minstrel & The Revolution Against Monarchs

Three Jolly Rogues Of Lin by Leza Mesiah (The Moor Of Dundee) from More Of The Moor Of Dundee

Pirate Heaven by The Musical Blades from Pieces of Eight

Spanish Ladies by Master “Bones” Jangle & the Voodoo Island Cannibals from Lots O’ Booty

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Strike The Bell by Merry Mischief from ScallyWags

Paddy Murphy by The Misbehavin’ Maidens from Busted

The Wild Rover by Faire to Middlin’ from Kilts, Celts, & Kippers

Woman, Thou Art Beautiful by The Lost Boys from Heroes & Scoundrels

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Rolling Up, Rolling Down by Bounding Main from Kraken Up

The Parting Glass by The Counterfeit Bards from Bard From This Hall


The Faire is Over by Lorella Loftus

THE DUNGEON by Tony Artym with RenFest News

A Moment in History by The Rude Tudors

Background Music: Reflection by Cast in Bronze from Laird of the Rings

A Minute with Fugli by Fugli


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