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Cold Frosty Morning by The Gypsy Guerrilla Band from Ernie’s Pot O’Gold

Cold October Wind by The Whiskey Bards from Women, Whiskey & War

Cold Rain and Snow by Jack Montgomery from Everywhere I Look

Drive the Cold Winter Away by Porter & Stout from Christmas on the Cutlass

Gaia Song- Winter by Craig of Farrington from Blue upon Blue

Mid Winter’s Night by Blackmore’s Night from Fires At Midnight

Pirating a Winter Wonderland by The Bilge Pumps from A Pirate’s Christmas Wish

Song for a Winters Night by Jesse Linder from The Bramble and the Rose

The Wind That Shakes the Barley by Beerside Scoundrels from Duel!

The Winter King by Damh The Bard from Spirit Of Albion

To Drive The Cold Winter Away by Rowan And The Rose from Rowan And The Rose

Wind and Rain by Bedlam Bards from Furious Fancies

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Winter’s Farewell by Kerridwynn from Winter’s Farewell

Wintery Queen by Diane Linn from Janus

A Fair Wind by The Gypsy Guerrilla Band from Ernie Rocks!

Blow The Wind Southerly by Jim Hancock from Songs of Love and Other Silly Stuff

Cold Butcher by Gallamor the Bard from Gather Day

Worst Rebel Ever by Dan the Bard from Cross-Genre References!


The Faire is Over by Lorella Loftus

The Dungeon by Tony Artym with RenFest News

A Moment in History by The Rude Tudors

Background Music: Reflection by Cast in Bronze from Laird of the Rings

A Minute with Fugli by Fugli


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Audio Editor – The Tinker

Host / Musicologist / Interviews – The Lookout

Host / Festival News – Joe

Host – Matt

Host / Show Assistant / Interviews – Serena

Show Facilitator – Captain

Audio Editor – Thomas

Keeper of Lists – Ken