Tony Artym


Lead Host / Graphic Editor / News Anchor

Tony Artym grew up and lives in Minnesota. He’s loved the Minnesota Renaissance Festival since he was little.  Once he had his own wheels, he started attending Fest every year and loving it even more.

When the Renaissance Festival Podcast started in 2005, Tony was hooked. Today Tony helps with the Renaissance Festival Awards, the Hall of Fame, and runs the Renaissance Festival Podcast Facebook group.

During his free time, he works on lots of other projects like film making, writing, going to conventions, family projects, and travelling.

Tony is the Gatekeeper between the worlds of the magic and the mundane, and was given the job of Gatekeeper by all four faerie courts. He lives in the dungeon where he keeps all the minions in check, and owns the largest collection Medieval torture devices in all seven kingdoms.

He makes sure all torture devices are working properly by testing them on the minions. Tony and OSHA have been known to disagree.

Legend has it that he is tied to the Royal Family, but to this day he refuses to comment on the connection.

Tony has a great deal of knowledge when it comes to magic and magical creatures. He’s always said, “Live life like a faerie tale.”

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  1. Hello ~

    I am a Girl Scout leader and Day Camp Director for out Service Unit in Osseo MN. Every year we hold a Day Camp for a week in Elk River. The camp is ran completely by Volunteers and about 200 girls attend. This year we are going to the dark side and learning about the Renaissance/Medieval time. Was wondering if you know of anyone that would be willing to help us out. We are looking for anyone that would be willing to come talk to our girls and share their trade and have some fun. Your name popped up as I was goggling different things. Wondering if you would be willing to share your torture devices? If you know of anyone else that would like to share with us as well ~ please let me know and pass my email around. Thank you in advance. Look forward to talking with you. Brenda

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