Serena London (AKA Sonya Reiland)

 Social Media Wench, Show Assistant, Newsletter (Serena’s Musings)

She  is the Sunken Treasure’s helms-woman and married to Lord Nicholas London. With a Captain like Nicholas, keeping the boat on course is a challenge.

Discovering new and geeky music is one of her passions.  Some of her favorite performers are:

Musical Blades, The Village Idiots, Rowan and the Rose, Brobdingnagian Bards, The Whiskey Bay Rovers, Bedlam Bards, etc……

She has met many Lords and Ladies at Faire who have introduced her to new concoctions of rum, ales and mead.   This helps her keep the rum stores of the ship stocked, thus keeping the Captain sedated and controllable.

Steampunk, Star Wars, Star Trek, Firefly, Dr. Who, and unique costumes at Faire catch her attention. And you might even catch her wearing some of these at her local Faire.

3 thoughts on “Serena London (AKA Sonya Reiland)”

  1. hi Sonya. If you have time check out my friend Scott Jeffers and his band Traveler’s unique music. Celtic/Pirate/Gypsy. Scott’s site on Facebook is Scott Jeffers Traveler. I’ve been involved some over the years with Independent music. I believe Scott is one of the most unique but mostly unknown musicians in our nation. He’s getting a growing following in my Phx area where he’s from. He writes most of his own songs. The Mutiny cd is my personal fav. If your looking to review any of his music you can drop him a line on Facebook or his site and he will most likely send you some for your review or consideration for any music competition. You can tell him his friend Dennis Jent sent you. Just posted a song on Pirate Nation where I saw a link to your group. Thanks. Scott is a high energy performer.

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